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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I start?  I've never had to do this before.

You are no different than most people. Below we have listed some things that you may want to consider during the process of choosing a memorial:

  • Visit your cemetery to see what types of memorials are in your area.
  • Look at the different colors of memorials.
  • Look at the different sizes of memorials.
  • Notice the different lettering styles and see which you may prefer (there are many ways to letter a memorial).

Will the foundation that goes under the upright memorial interfere with the burial?

Most cemeteries have adequate space built into the grave lots to allow for the burial and a memorial foundation at the head of the grave.

Does the grave need to settle for a period of time before placing the stones?

Some cemeteries require a waiting period, although most of the time there is extra space at the head of the grave for the stone to be installed as soon as you wish.

Why aren't all granites the same price?

There are a number of reasons why granites differ in price. There are currently over 20 different colors available. Many colors are quarried in the United States while others are quarried as far away as Norway, India, and Africa.

When a block of granite is removed from the ground, there is a certain amount that is normal waste. With some granites the waste factor is much larger and obtaining good clear pieces becomes a problem, so the price is higher.

Still others are harder to polish, hence a higher price.

Blue pearl, which is quarried in Norway, is only quarried and produced two months out of the year.  This greatly limits availability (supply and demand). The opposite is true with Georgia gray as this color is in great abundance. It's not a lesser quality granite; there is just more of it available.